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7tk Club – What’s it all about?

Vetted Opportunities
by Trusted Industry Leaders

We understand the importance of finding and supporting blockchain companies that will succeed in this fast moving and disruptive space. An advisory board of experienced business and technology leaders is being created to ensure each company that is introduced to the 7tk Club is a winner.

Seasoned Team

The 7tk Club team is lead by experienced blockchain experts with knowledge in ICO launches, blockchain technology and regulations. They have relationships with blockchain industry experts and professionals. They are also successful entrepreneurs and early-stage startup investors with expertise in a variety of industries.

Brian Nelson is a crypto veteran, consulting and
partnering with innovative blockchain companies and projects around the world since 2011.
Phillip Walstad is a powerhouse entrepreneur, with decades of experience creating groundbreaking global tech solutions that address real world problems.
Jason Thelin is a tech icon, and has been disrupting the way business is run with technology since 1997.
Brent Jensen is an international direct sales channel guru, establishing successful global operations in more than 50 countries.
7tk Club Team



Sam Smith
Raj Lingam
Caitlyn Brooksby
Madilyn Paige

Entertainment / 7tk Theme Song

Madilyn Paige wrote and produced the 7tk theme song “United”, and performs at special events for the company.  The theme song represents the idea that speaks to the confidence and power of uniformity…each 7tk Club member is a true individual…and this individuality is heightened by the confidence we show in representing this unique, strong, singular message:  “We are stronger United.”

“This is what Madilyn’s song is all about… strong individuals coming together, and uniting to create something more powerful and fulfilling than what they could do alone. From this vision for ‘UNITED’, I asked Madilyn to write that song. Of course the song turned out so much better than I could have imagined, and Madilyn nailed it!” – Phillip – 7tk Founder

For more information about Madilyn Paige visit www.madilynpaige.com

Technology Partners

EVOLVE YOUR DIGITAL EXPERIENCE. We have partnered with SolutionStream to provide state-of-the-art tech for 7tk Club members and tech vetting and development for 7tk incubator companies.

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